“Walking is fundamental.”

While reading is fundamental for your mind, walking is fundamental for your body. Walking is the most natural movement you can do. Regardless of your fitness level, walking is essential to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 reasons to walk more:

Improves heart function

Walking helps your ticker keep on ticking. According the studies, walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It lowers a host of diseases

Walking lowers the risk of developing a stroke, diabetes, lung disease and most other chronic diseases.

Improves metabolism function

This benefit of walking is perhaps your favorite. By improving your metabolism, walking helps alleviate thyroid issues and other metabolic dysfunctions.

Reduce risk of dementia and osteoporosis

As you get older, dementia and osteoporosis become more prevalent, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Walking helps alleviate these 2 illnesses as you become a senior citizen.

According to research, walking decreases the likelihood that memory loss occurs and increases bone density and maintain healthy joints.

Lowers blood sugar level

If you are diabetic or a family history of loved ones affected by diabetes, then walking is necessary to help lower your blood sugar level.

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Improves lower-body muscle tone

You know your husband or boyfriend loves a nice, toned lower-body so why not do the best exercise for that? Walking helps tone the butt, calves, hamstring and quads.

Improves upper-body muscle tone as well

While walking mostly builds muscle tone in the lower-body, it builds tone in the lower-body as well. By performing a brisk walk, (walking at a faster pace while pumping your arms back and forward with elbows bent) you work your arms, shoulders, core, and back.

Elevates your vitamin D levels

By walking consistently outside during the daylight hours, you get exposure to the sunlight. Besides getting a tan, you will get an adequate dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens bones and teeth, regulates immune system function and decreases risk of developing a host of chronic diseases including heart disease. Just make sure you limit exposure to sunlight as you don’t to get heat exhaustion or burn your skin. Aim for 30 minutes to 1 hour of walking on hot, sunny days.

Boosts your energy levels

Life seems like it has been going in slow motion for you lately? Well walking will speed it up! Walking energizes your body by boosting blood circulation and increasing oxygen supply to each cell of your body; thus, making you feel more alert and attentive. So the next time you go on your lunch break at work, instead of depending on a cup of coffee to give you energy, simply go outside and walk.

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Makes you think and feel like a optimistic person

Fitness wouldn’t be fun without the positivity it delivers to your mind. While most folks focus on the physical benefits of walking, it is the mental benefits that make it such an essential exercise. Studies have shown that regular bouts of walking elevate your mood. Walking does so by releasing endorphins into your system, in which reduce stress and anxiety as well. So if you desire to become a more optimistic individual, then get your walk on!

Those are the 10 reasons you should walk more. So what are you waiting for? Start walking.