Can you lose weight off exercise alone? Yes. Would it be extremely hard to do? Hell yea! That is why consuming healthy food and beverages is essential to losing weight. Without further ado, let’s look at the top 4 foods & beverages that are conducive to weight loss.

1. Water

Unless you are not from planet Earth, it is nearly impossible to lose weight without drinking water. Since our body is made up about 70% water, it makes sense that we need it to lose weight. While it has numerous benefits, the main benefit of drinking water is it helps cleanse your system; thus, making it easier for your body to burn fat. Aim to drink half of your bodyweight in ounces. For instance, if you weigh 180lbs, then aim for about 90 ounces of water per day.

2. Lean Meats

One way to get your metabolism churning is to include lean meats (90% or more fat-free) on your plate. Chicken, turkey and beef all provide the powerful nutrient that greatly aids in weight loss: protein. The human body needs as twice the amount of energy to breakdown protein, in comparison to carbs and fats. In other words, your body burns more calories when protein is consumed. Instead of worrying about how much protein to consume, just make sure a lean meat is on your plate every meal.

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3. Milk

Got milk? Milk is superb for weight loss! In a research study, people who ate a reduced-calorie diet that rich in dairy (including milk) vs. those who ate a diet low in dairy, the people who consumed high quantities of dairy lost the most weight. So what does that mean? That means that your metabolism will act more efficiently when low-fat dairy options (especially milk) is included within your daily eating habits. Aim for at least 3 servings to 4 servings of milk weekly.

4. Nuts

Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts are great for weight loss. Due to nuts high fiber content, it makes weight maintenance (and weight loss) easier to accomplish. In a research article, they discovered that people who consumed a nut-rich diet for several years experienced better weight loss results than people who mainly ate fruits and vegetables. While more studies are needed to conclude that nuts are better than fruits and vegetables in terms of weight loss, this illustrates their effectiveness if included in your daily diet. Aim for 1 ounce of nuts per day.

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Overall, those are 4 healthy dietary choices that will help you lose weight.