Maintaining a good posture not only helps you exude confidence but is also great for your back. However, standing up straight all the time is not easy and there will be times when you crouch or slump your back. The body should be naturally and automatically able to maintain its posture. This can be achieved with training and toning your body. A slouchy individual gives off the impression of being lazy, which is certainly not attractive.

Here are 5 natural ways to improve your posture and keep back pain at bay:

1.     Exercise Your Muscles

You do not need to start bodybuilding to improve your posture. Just try to train and strengthen your upper back and shoulder muscles to keep a good posture. It is important to be aware of your muscles so you can unconsciously maintain a good posture. Make sure you exercise your body evenly.

Focus on your chest muscles as much as you do on your back. This will automatically help you keep a good posture without slumping or slouching. Yoga is best for posture and health. It helps you improve your balance. Yoga exercises your core muscles, strengthening them and aiding you in maintaining a proper alignment. The best part about yoga is it teaches to maintain a posture while walking, sitting and also standing.

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2.     Sleep Soundly

Your sleep has a profound effect on your waking up posture. So, make sure you use a firm mattress to maintain back support. Sleeping on your back is the ideal position as it prevents your back from unnecessary flexing and keeps the shoulders straight. If you are a side-sleeper, try keeping a small cushion between your knees to balance out your body posture and keep your spine aligned. Use a proper pillow for back and head support. Don’t use too many pillows as it will elevate your head, destabilizing the whole body posture.

3.     Be Confident

Be confident about yourself and your personality. Slouching is associated with shyness and laziness. You will only see an unsophisticated and a shy person bending or twisting his posture. Confident people are sure of what they are saying and doing. They do not get nervous and start twisting or bending themselves. They stand erect and have enhanced strong personality that can be felt and witnessed by others around them.

4.     Use Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques are an easy method to maintain your posture. You can associate your posture with a certain color. So, as soon as you see that color, you know you need to stand erect. Also, visualize your posture by standing across a wall. This will help you feel your head, shoulders and buttocks, and realize the exact curvature of your spine that you to need to maintain. Ask someone to tape an X on your back with a stretching tape. As you will carry forward the day, the X will constantly remind you of sitting, walking and standing straight, since you will be able to feel your upper back muscles and shoulders stretching.

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5.     Sit On a Chair with Lumbar Support

Whether you are driving or sitting, make sure to choose a chair with back rest that supports the concave curvature of your back. The upper back till your tailbone fits in completely in the chair and the back rest should be able to support your spine. Also, adjust your chair position, so your arms bend easily. If your chair is far back, your elbows will be straight out and if it is too close, they will be at an angle of 90o. The between angle for your arms is somewhere around 80o to 85o degrees at the elbows.

These are 5 natural ways to improve your posture you can try.