Foods that provide energy prior to exercise.

It is the New Year and this year, you are hell-bent on FINALLY accomplishing your New Year’s resolution: losing weight. As you are anticipating your workout, your stomach begins growling. Should I eat? What to eat? Yes, you should eat. Eating prior to work out provides much-needed energy; especially if you plan on running for 30 minutes+. As far as what to eat, check out these 7 foods.

Skim milk & other low-fat dairy options

Remember those ‘Got Milk’ commercials and ads? Well drinking skim milk prior to working out definitely helps. Low-fat dairy options such as milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese contain an excellent source of calcium, in which boosts your energy levels and metabolism. These dairy options make for a great pre-workout snack.

Note: If you’re lactose intolerant, opt for lactose-free skim milk.


Gorillas are not the only ones that value a good banana. Your body responds well to this yellow fruit; especially prior to exercise. What is so essential about bananas is that it contains potassium in which regulate bodily fluids as well as aiding nerve and muscle function. A lot of marathon runners eat bananas before and during races. This is the best food source if you are an avid runner or like to perform strenuous cardio.

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Waiting up with a bowl of oatmeal will help you “murder” morning workouts. Oatmeal contains oats, in which are full of fiber, which means they gradually release carbohydrates into your bloodstream; giving you energy throughout your workout.  It is ideal to eat oatmeal 30 minutes prior to exercise.

Note: To add additional fiber (and flavor), add some banana slices.


When you wait up to a bowl of oatmeal, make sure to have some eggs on the side! Eggs are a good food to eat prior to working out; especially if you want to gain muscle. Packed with 4 grams of protein per serving, eggs have helped your favorite athlete gain muscle mass. Think egg yolk is bad for your cholesterol? Wrong! According to research, egg yolks actually increase good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol. So do not just eat the egg white but the entire egg prior to working out.

Black coffee

There probably is not a better food to supply instant energy like black coffee. Packed with caffeine, coffee boosts your mental alertness and focus. Getting hype for your workout won’t be a problem after drinking one cup of coffee!

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Green tea

Like black coffee, green tea contains caffeine, a natural energy booster. Another great thing about green tea is that it contains a substance known as catechins. Catechins are a substance that has fat-burning properties that boosts the metabolism.

Bonus fact: Green tea has 4x the amount of catechins vs. regular black tea.

Fruit smoothies

If your schedule is hectic on your workout day, then there is not a better pre-workout meal to make than a fruit smoothie. All you need is water, a handful of fruit, a few ice cubes and a quality blender.