What is it that makes you choose the burger over the salad? What is it that makes you grab the fizzy soft drinks against a glass of crystal clear water? What sorcery is this?

We are all willing participants to our extinction. Our future generations will pay for the dietary choices we make, all because our health habits and faux passes will result in a shorter life expectancy for our offspring. You see, millions of dollars are being wasted to combat this scourge called obesity. This scourge which makes us takes days off work, makes us stressed and moody, and gives us diabetes and cancer.

What if there was a way to avoid all this? What if by making some simple lifestyle changes, we could be able to stave off the zombie apocalypse on the horizon? The good news is there are solutions. The better news is you don’t require a fortune to pull them off. The bad news is it takes a lot of will and motivation. Ready to know how you can take down this causer of hangovers, gastro and sickness?

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Here are 8 dead simple ways which can help you keep your body weight in check and be as mentally fit as the other movers and shakers of the world:

1.     Honesty Is the Best Policy

The journey to the cure starts with admitting you have a problem. You have heard it so many times, yet its efficacy still holds true. Women may seek help but men not so easily. It’s time to man up and seek out a partner who can help you get your weight down and motivate you along the way.

2.     Don’t Wait Any Longer For the ‘Magic’ Cure

That’s because there really isn’t any. It takes time, dedication and effort to tame the beast of obesity. Forget all this you hear about diet fads, diet pills and other ‘get-thin-quick’ schemes. They are only designed to waste your money with negligible results.

3.     Building Strength Is Important

As the saying goes, the more strength you have, the faster and more weight you tend to lose. In short, you have a supercharged metabolism rate that works day in and day out to take care of the excess calories. To build strength, try something as simple as doing 20 pushups in a day.

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4.     Work That Cardio

Get your heart rate up by running miles. The more you run, the less you will struggle with physically taxing tasks. And running is always better (and dependable) for shedding that extra fat.

5.     Spend Money on Your Health

The food you eat determines the quality of your health. If you go organic and eat organic meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, you will see you will be less prone to getting ill and sick. A fitter and leaner you means lower medical bills in the future.

6.     Think About Other Benefits of Staying Fit

Did you know you look more attractive and sexier if you are fit? It makes you look better and feel better about yourself. Also, your offspring are more likely to inherit your good physical traits and mindset.

7.     Remember That Patience Is Key

Far too many people have given up too quickly before they even see the positive results of their efforts. It is possible to lose 5kg in a month, provided you follow the guidelines in letter and spirit.

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8.     Train Your Brain to Think What’s Bad for You

The brain is a muscle, after all. What you think on a daily basis ends up becoming true in real life. If you thought about the foods you took every day and their calorie levels, you will be amazed to see how easily you could start avoiding junk food just by regularly thinking that way.

With these tips, you can hack your body and mind to undertake the steps needed to get rid of obesity for good. And remember, believing is seeing (it’s really true the other way round as well).