The strongest muscle in your body is the tongue.

Sounds incredible, but yes, your tongue is actually the strongest muscle of them all relative to its dimension. Although, if you get to think about each time you chew, ingest or talk (activities which imply actively using your tongue), it doesn’t sound that unbelievable anymore.

You are 1 cm taller in the morning!

The cartilage that keeps our bones together gets dense while standing, sitting or performing any other activities during the day, so in the morning it’s more relaxed, making us slightly taller at dawn and shorter at the end of the day.

The hardest muscle in your body is your chin!

Once again, unbelievable! In fact, the jawbone is one of the hardest bones to smash. You rarely hear of someone having his chin broken during a fight…

It takes 200 muscles for you to take a step.

Intriguing, isn’t it? It seems that, depending on how you separate up muscle groups, one single step requires the committed effort of around 200 muscles. Having in view that we take circa 10,000 steps daily and perform other activities far more complex, just think how fascinating the human body is!

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We are born with 300 muscles, but we grow having 206.

It sounds like a paradox, but it’s actually true! The reason for it is that several bones that we are born with are actually “made of” smaller constituent bones which are not yet merged. This makes the birth process a lot easier, so they do have a purpose of their own. However, as we grow up, these bones combine and solidify, leaving us with a lower number of bones inside our bodies. Fascinating, right?