Have you come across this new trendy alternative to wheat flour? I have been cooking lately some vegan recipes, some vegan versions of the classical muffin and I have been surprised to see that you can replace your day-to-day flour with bananas. And when I started reading more into it, I noticed it’s in fact a whole new concept.

This might be a whole new idea within Europe but apparently people from other regions have been extensively using banana flour for a while now.

What’s it good for?

For instance, if you are following a Paleo diet this is a great workaround to still bake your favorite goods without the negative effects wheat flours would have and without breaking the diet. Also, it’s a trend that’s gaining field and soon we can expect to see all sort of products baked and made with banana flour.

Keep in mind, green bananas are the best to be made flour from. Making flour from yellow bananas is a bit more complicated and almost impossible without adding certain chemicals. Also, from experience, I can say that there’s no need to worry about the taste. It’s quite mild and blends in perfectly with other ingredients.

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What are the benefits?

  1. Unlike other flours, banana flour actually contains useful nutrients. It’s got a high level of potassium, which reduces blood pressure and possible risks of stroke. Along with potassium, it also contains a great deal of magnesium.
  2. It contains fewer calories than your average flour. Does resistant starch ring a bell? Also, it contains bulk which makes you feel fuller once you consume it.
  3. It’s gluten free. Unfortunately we live through times where people become more and more sensitive and develop all sort of conditions. Whether you are gluten intolerant or you just want to stay away from it, banana flour is your best option. Also, it doesn’t come from a grain and as we know, Paleo diets try to avoid grains on the basis that they are less nutrient.
  4. Resistant starch. Why is this starch different from the rest? Because it can successfully pass through the small intestines and get in an intact manner to your colon. So it really does resist digestion. Another great news when it comes to resistant starch is that is works wonders with the blood sugar control. Plus, it acts like a probiotic, feeding your healthy gut bacteria.
  5. An ecofriendly option. Did you know that a great deal of bananas go each year to waste due to their unusual shape or unpleasant colorations, for instance? This is a great possibility for using that extra in a smart way.
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These being said, now that we took a look at all the benefits banana flour has, and it has a lot more than the ones I enumerated above, we are curious to hear your opinion.

Have you already tried banana flour? Would you be interested in giving it a try? And hopefully in the near future we will see more and more producers using it instead of wheat flour!

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