I, for one, have always regarded pimples as the nightmare I could never prevent. During my adolescent times everyone was trying to be positive and encouraging telling me how it will all go away with time. But let me tell you this: hormones will never truly let you forget pimples, you can be 18 or 48, and at times you will still be visited by those annoying little red guys.

I tried to use all sort of cleansing products and nothing seemed to be the right answer. Hence, I decided to make a list of useful tips that helped me combat these embarrassing small apparitions. Let me share my list with you:

  1. Pay attention to washing your face

As I already said, the first step in eliminating all that excess oil that wants to ruin your face is to accurately wash your face. Use a professional cleansing product and use it at least twice a day, in the morning and before you go to bed. Paying attention to your towel is also essential. I mean cleaning all of the towels is obviously a must do. However, the towel you use for your face has to be a separate one that you have to wash thoroughly. Try not scrubbing your face so that you irritate your skin even more and the cloth, your towel, should be made f a gentle material.

  1. Moisturize like a pro

This has always been my dilemma. I have oily skin and hence moisturizing always ended up creating more pimples than I already had. The secret is to always, I mean always read the list of ingredients. Certain moisturizers might contain oil or flagrances that anger your skin even more, hence, extra pimples. Also, if you check out the labels, you will notice that there are moisturizers made for all skin types, even for oily or combination skin.

  1. Less make up, less pimples
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I know, the first instinct is to use a ton of make up in order to cover the pimples. But that’s the worst thing you could do for your skin. Usually, make up is not exactly recommended since it doesn’t let your skin breath properly, hydrate and eliminate all the extra oil. Translated into human words, it will create more pimples. If you really, really have to use make up, at least make sure they are oil free, noncomedogenic.

  1. What type are you?

It’s very important to know your skin type. Before choosing the right products you need to know what “right” means for you. You can have either dry, combination or oily skin. I for instance have a combination, meaning that I have sides of my face that are dry and sides that produce too much oil, creating pimples. Once you realize what type of skin you have you can go ahead and start reading the labels so that you don’t end up adding extra oil to an already oily skin type.

  1. Can’t touch this
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I know, yet another tempting move. “Is my pimple still there, is it smaller, is it larger?” Try to resist the urge to touch your face. You are only making matters worse. Imagine the amount of microbes we carry on our hands at each second, each moment. And now imagine transmitting all that to your already sensitive skin. Not a very bright idea.

  1. Hair, hair, hair

I didn’t know how important hair’s role was when it came to my face. For instance, did you know that sleeping with your hair lose causes all of the bacteria from your hair transmit to your face? You know what that means? That’s right, pimples. The same way, the products that you use for your hair can influence your face if they get in contact with it. So pay more attention to this aspect as well.

  1. Avoid the sun

The sun rays can make your inflammation way worse than it already is. Plus, hand in hand with the creams or treatment you are using, might not be a good combo. Also, never ever forget about sunscreen. Depending on your skin type, adjust your sun screen’s SPF level.

  1. Hit the gym

Exercise is not only good for your body, but for your overall health, including your skin. Hence, don’t be afraid of hitting the gym on a regular basis, just avoid clothes that might cause irritations.

  1. Watch your foods
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If you think junk food is bad for your skin, well, you are so right. By junk food I mean foods containing a lot of flour, or chips and foods high in processed sugar. Try going a bit greener, take care of your skin through your diet as well.

  1. Stress less

Did you ever notice that before an important exam or meeting pimples started showing up? Like the cherry on top, exactly what you needed, a ruined face. Why? Because when you’re under a lot of pressure your body produces more oil stimulating hormones. Try a bit of yoga, a bit of hiking, a bit of nature or a walk in the park. Don’t let go of your hobbies. Heal your mind and your skin.

All these being said, I hope you will consider, just as I have, that you are a bit more prepared for your next hormonal outburst that shows on your face or skin. I, for once, ever since I started following these basic rules, noticed a huge change. I am not saying pimples disappeared or stopped appearing, but they did show up far less frequently. Plus, think of it this way, what do you have to lose? The rules are basically just hygiene norms that will only do you good on the long term.