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5 Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer occurs when the skin cells grow abnormally beyond the normal boundaries of their makeup. It can also refer to any irregular growth of skin cells. However, a few of these outgrowths can be malignant, proving to be a...

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Side effects of low testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone found in all humans, but it’s true that men have higher levels of testosterone than women. The production of this hormone increases during puberty and it begin to decrease after the age of 30, this...

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Testosterone and blood pressure

Testosterone is a libido increasing and a muscle building hormone, and it’s highly related to arterial blood pressure. Studies show that in the short term it can lower your blood pressure and it can protect it in the long-term....

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Know More About Hair Loss In Men

The hair is a way of satisfaction to most individuals when it begins to fall off it turns into a worrying factor. Hair loss is a troublesome factor to cope with particularly for the ladies who love their hair to be lengthy,...

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