When an individual experiences short-term memory loss, he may recall events from 20 or 30 years ago, but fail to remember what occurred 10 minutes prior. Additionally, due to all the troubles such a person faces in life, the sudden loss of short-term memory can significantly impact an individual’s life in the long run.

Scientists today have done a tremendous amount of work in finding out clues to the possible causes of this problem. Furthermore, if any person faces suddenly starts to experience symptoms pertaining to memory loss or gets too confused too often and without any apparent reason, he/she should immediately consult a medical professional.

As such, here are some causes of short term memory loss:

Head Trauma

Sometimes, all it takes is a blow to the head to cause short-term/sudden memory loss. Likewise, doctors believe that head trauma can cause problems even if the person has not sustained any concussion. For example, being near an area where there has been an explosion or in an bad accident is more than enough to cause extensive cerebral damage, resulting in short-term memory problems.

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As per medical professionals, stroke is among the most common and most serious causes for sudden and unexpected short-term memory loss. Likewise, The National Stroke Association has stated that a stroke (also known as a cerebrovascular accident) has the ability to damage the brain’s memory functions. As such, it can be very difficult for a person to understand new things or recall what he/she has understood after undergoing a stroke.

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Psychiatric Disorders

There are several types of psychiatric disorders that can cause short-term memory loss, these include dissociative identity disorder and dissociative future.

Brain Tumors

In specific cases, a brain tumor is found to be the reason of sudden short-term memory loss. Likewise, the tumor could be benign or malignant, slow-growing or fast, yet it can deliver the same outcome.

Deprivation of Oxygen

Lack of oxygen to the brain can also result in short-term memory loss. Accordingly, this can happen due to a person being choked, nearly drowned or smothered. Additionally, severe respiratory problems may also lead towards low blood oxygen, thereby causing the brain to be oxygen deprived.

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According to the United States National Library of Medicine, certain Lyme diseases are a potential culprit to this problem. Another infection that can cause this problem is tertiary syphilis, which may happen years after a person develops the disease, but leaves it untreated. Furthermore, AIDS and Tuberculosis also have the capability to put a severely negative impact on the brain, causing sudden short-term memory loss.

Drug Use

The United States Food and Drug Administration has stated that there are many kinds of drugs that can be blamed for memory loss. Some of these drugs are sleeping pills, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and pain medications. Likewise, general anesthesia is also known to put a damaging effect on memory, especially in cases where it is not given properly. Additionally, several illegal drugs and alcohol can also greatly hamper the brain’s memory and other cognitive functions.

Severe Psychological Stress

Any sort of severe stress that is beyond the coping capabilities of a person can result in the contraction of memory problems, along with other mental disturbances. As such, this explains why people who go through traumatic circumstances and serious illnesses, such as being kidnapped or are witnessing violent acts, are reported to face memory issues. Likewise, people who face extreme levels of sleep deprivation may also face memory loss problems.

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In conclusion, there can be many possible causes to short-term memory loss, such as trauma, tumor, or stress. Thereby, it is important for any person who is going through such a memory problem to find out the root cause. Accordingly, this will aid in the proper treatment of your health disorder.

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