Migraine is a cause of headaches. However, not all headaches are caused by migraine. At its basest, migraine is a neurological condition which can trigger headache whenever any of the risk factors take effect. The issue is that even people who are regularly plagued by migraine headaches don’t know much about the condition and as a result are unable to seek the best course of treatment. Another issue is the endless information available online about migraine, some of which is just plain false. If you rely on it, you will end up suffering from migraine for the rest of your life.

This is why it is important that some common migraine myths be debunked so you have the necessary knowledge to separate fact from fiction. Here are the most common ones:

Migraine is Hereditary

Yes, migraine can be passed down from one generation to the next but heredity is not the only cause of migraine. If you suffer from the condition, there is a chance that your kids might not. A common reason why people don’t seek proper treatment is because they feel since migraine is a hereditary disease, it cannot be cured properly. This is something which has to be weeded out to ensure all those plagued by this common condition can find relief and enjoy a better quality of life in the years to come.

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Migraine is a Women’s Condition

As sexist as it may sound, this is a common myth doing the rounds, especially online. However, the fact remains that men are more likely to suffer from migraine. If a male is having regular headaches and is dismissing the possibility that it may be caused by migraine, he would continue to suffer for some time to come. In the US alone, nearly 20% of the males suffer from migraine while the percentage for women is less than a third of this.

No Aura, No Migraine

Having a migraine headache doesn’t necessarily mean you will see lights flashing in your sight. Sometimes migraine headaches are accompanied by auras but this isn’t always the case. In a majority of the cases, patients experience sensitivity to light and feel better once they have spent some time in a darkened room. However, but just because you are not seeing auras is not a sign that you don’t have migraine.

There is No Cure for Migraine

Probably the most preposterous of all myths related to migraine is that there is no cure for it. Generally, there are many types of treatments which patients can receive and experience a considerable improvement in their condition. Doing something as simple as exercising on a regular basis is enough to lower the risk of migraine, and if you already have it, reduce the frequency of the headaches occurring. You can discuss with your doctor regarding the most effective course of treatment, which may be a combination of lifestyle changes and medication.

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Migraine = Headache

No, migraines and headaches are not synonyms. Nor is migraine a type of headache. As mentioned in the beginning, migraine is a neurological condition which can cause headaches. In this regard, the headaches are a symptom of the condition you are suffering from. It is surprising to see many people not aware of this fact and as a result they mislead people they know who suffer from migraine. This is why it is important to first know the basic definition of migraine before you can seek appropriate treatment.

Now that these myths about migraine have been busted, you are in a better position to take decisions pertaining to the management and treatment of the condition whether you suffer from it or a loved one.