Losing weight might seem simple at first with less eating and more workout, but things are not that simple in real world scenarios. In some cases, what you term as beneficial for weight loss actually adds more pounds on your body weight.  Many people make mistakes during a weight loss regimen, which leads them to weight gain instead of weight loss. This article tells you about those common mistakes that do more harm than good to your body.

Skipping Exercise

You will be amazed to know that only 20% of people in the US go to the gym on a regular basis, while people with weight issues hardly perform any exercise to stay in shape, which adds to their problems. With our sedentary lifestyle, we are bound to gain weight. Modern gadgets such as computers, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones along with television has made us into a couch potato, that is why more and more people are crossing the overweight barrier, which is alarming. So, it is better that you join a gym near where you live and try to regularly perform exercises. You don’t have to do weight lifting, even brisk walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes.

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Consuming Alcohol

By consuming alcohol regularly, you are not doing your health a favor. In fact, alcohol consumption will neutralize the effects of all your weight loss efforts. Moreover, alcohol contains lots of sugar, which result in a sharp increase in your blood sugar levels and result in weight gain too. Alcohol also affects other body parts such as your liver and eyes. Avoid alcohol at all costs or at least minimize its consumption for better health.

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Long Gaps between Meals

If you think that not eating for many hours will lead to losing some weight, then you are wrong. The fact is that it will have a completely opposite effect on your body. You will gain more weight instead of losing it. Starving will wreak havoc on the metabolism rate of your body, developing a strong craving for food. When you get your hands on the food after a long break, you will eat more than required amount, which will do nothing but adds more fat to your body.  Medical experts suggest that you should eat 4-6 small meals in a day to keep your metabolic rate and energy level stable.

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Large Meal Portions

The biggest mistake many people make is completely neglecting your meal portions. That is why they end up eating more, which creates an imbalance in your body. This results in weight gain. Eating less, just to satisfy your taste buds and getting something in your stomach helps develop more restraint that helps you to lose weight.

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Salad Dressings

If you think that salad dressings are good for your health and weight loss, then you are wrong. Salad dressings either can make your salads tastier, but can also ruin its nutritional value. For example, eating salad with different dressings that are loaded with fat will render the salad worthless. You should also avoid eating heavily marinated chicken or beef.

All in all these are some of common mistakes many people make on a regular basis, especially when you talk about losing weight. You might have heard many people say that they are doing everything to keep their weight in control, but they have failed to do so because they make these mistakes regularly. Carefully selecting foods, portion sizes and exercise can go a long way in avoiding weight gains and leads you to weight loss and a more desirable physique.