If you have family members with diabetes it can be difficult to decide what to bring to family events. Do you bring just some regular food that you will enjoy? Or do you take into account a specific family member’s diabetes and diet restrictions? There really is no right answer. People with diabetes are use to making decisions about what they can and cannot eat, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring a diabetes friendly food item to your next family event. There are plenty of diabetes friendly appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts and even drinks that you could bring and impress your family at the next big event.


Think of items that are concentrated in protein or vegetables to be diabetes friendly. Little smokies hot dogs cooked with some homemade sauce is the perfect appetizer. It has protein and they are easy to make, but steer clear of sweet barbeque sauce on the little smokies as that will not be diabetes friendly. Instead, look for a low sugar version of barbeque sauce, or make a homemade special sauce with artificial sweetener.


Most salads will be safe for your family members with diabetes. You can mix up dark green lettuce, vegetables, and even some fruit if you would like. But stay away from pasta salads as they have too many carbohydrates. For dressing, choose a vinaigrette or similarly light dressing to keep things healthy.

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Main Dishes

Diabetes friendly main dishes are plentiful; just keep away from pasta rich items. Remember to include vegetables and proteins as your primary ingredients. Some safe, but popular dinner items include; tacos, chili, soups, chicken dishes and fish. Use lean meat like chicken and fish and keep your meal healthy for all family members.


This may seem like the hardest area to bring diabetes friendly foods to a family event. Desserts are naturally sweet and it might be hard to think of items that are delicious, but diabetes friendly. When trying to decide on the perfect dessert item for your family event stick to fruit based dishes. Although fruit does have sugar, it is easier to process in the body than refined sugar and most people with diabetes enjoy eating this type of food in moderation. Instead of using whip cream from a can or tub, try making your own with a combination of whipping cream and a sugar substitute, add a dash of vanilla and your guests will be loving this homemade whipped topping.

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Traditional family get together drinks may include sodas and alcohol. If you are in charge of bringing the drinks to your next family event, try taking the sugar out of the mix. Use soda water with some fresh fruit and mix it into a large punch bowl. Strawberries make a great punch and the soda water makes it feel just like a specialty drink from a restaurant. Kids and adults will enjoy this sweet, yet healthy family drink.

Finding the perfect food to bring to a family even is a difficult task, but finding foods that are also diabetes friendly can seem extremely overwhelming. Take some time to research a few recipes and find just the right one for your event. When in doubt, remember to include green leafy vegetables and proteins in your appetizers and main meals. For desserts and drinks that will make everyone’s mouth water, use fresh fruit as a sweetener instead of refined sugar. With just a little bit of effort you can impress your whole family and make any family member with diabetes feel comfortable eating the foods you bring to the family event.

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