The most vital sex organ you have is your mind. Your emotional state can have a huge impact on your ability to perform sexually. On an average, 15% of erectile dysfunction problems have an emotional concern relating to depression from being unable to have an erection because of being anxious in the ability to perform sexually.

85% of the cases normally have physical causes that result in the inability to perform sexually. There are a number of diseases that can promote and cause erectile dysfunction.

Gum Disease

There are indications that relate gum diseases with erectile dysfunction. In a study, 80% of the cases in which one suffered from erectile dysfunction also had some kind gum disease as well. The exact link has yet not been discovered, but it is recommended that males with erectile dysfunction need to improve the care and attention they give to their teeth.

Males that have poor health normally do not care for themselves, which makes them more susceptible to gum disease and erectile dysfunction. So, brush your teeth to have good oral hygiene and to increase your libido.

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A high number of people suffering from depression also happen to be impotency. However, it is arguable whether erectile dysfunction caused the depression or if the depression caused the erectile dysfunction.

Depression can cause an inability to perform sexually since one loses the energy, interest and drive to perform sexually. Effectively treating illnesses as depression can reinvigorate a person’s sexual appetite. However, certain antidepressants as “Paxil” can increase the intensity of impotence. One should discuss their medications for treating depression with their psychiatrist and physician.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Those with rheumatoid arthritis can possibly suffer from inability to perform sexually. The inflammation that is the after effect of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis is now being linked to erectile dysfunction. Inflammation in the small bloods vessels results in impeding blood flow to the penis causing ED. Treatment as anti-inflammatory medications for arthritis patients or any other diseases that results inflammation that impacts overall health as well as sexual health can resolve erectile dysfunction concerns.


Being excessively overweight is also a major contributor to ones inability to perform sexually in many ways. From a psychological perspective, poor physical presentation can adversely affect your self esteem. Obesity can cause heart related illnesses, high blood pressure and even diabetes, which result in a person suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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Obesity can also reduce the amount of testosterone in your body. This can significantly hamper your libido or your drive to have interest in having intercourse with your partner.. For those suffering from erectile dysfunction it is important that you lose weight.


Diabetes is a disease that impacts the blood pressure and a person’s nerves both of which are vital for person to have an erection. Males with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction 15 years sooner than men that do not have diabetes. Diabetes treatment requires leading a healthy lifestyle with certain medications. The combination of both can enhance a person’s ability to perform sexually.

Heart Disease

The health of your heart and ability to have an erection are directly related. Any obstruction in your blood vessels that disrupts blood circulation in the narrower arteries impacts both the heart and the ability to have an erection. Heart disease, smoking and high blood pressure are the major contributes to erectile dysfunction.

A person must be treated for heart disease and high blood and should quit smoking to improve their sex life. A healthy heart leads o a healthy sex life.

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Try to lead a more health conscious life. Being healthy requires change in lifestyle. So, one should be prepared to have a more active and healthy lifestyle.