That statement is hard to grasp for parents of obese children but it is true. Childhood obesity is a continuing epidemic for the world, especially in the U.S. In a current U.S. health study, they discovered that no real significance have been made to alleviate childhood obesity in over 10 years. This should make you question why kids are remaining obese (and most stay obese as they reach adulthood) despite all the efforts to eliminate it. The answer lies in the child’s home environment.

While we can easily wag the finger at little Johnny for not exercising or eating enough fruits and vegetables, it is his parents who are truly at fault. Let’s explore 2 ways how parents contribute to the problem of childhood obesity.

Not cooking healthy meals for your child

McDonalds and other fast-food restaurants are profiting a lot off of childhood obesity. The reason for that is because parents want to give their children a quick meal instead of taking the time to cook them a healthy, nutritious meal. Understandably, working a 9 to 5 job daily is stressful and cooking is the last thing you want to do when you get home; nonetheless, your child needs to learn how to eat healthy. It will be difficult for them to embrace eating healthy when you’re giving them a Happy Meal every other day.

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Solution: Simply start cooking healthy foods. If time is an issue, then prepare slow-cooking meals at home prior to leaving for work. It should be ready when you get home. Also, as a parent, you have the right to cook whatever you want. Too many parents get caught up in thinking that their child won’t like broccoli or whatever healthy food they cook. Well you won’t know until your child tries it out. Besides, you’re the parent so allow your kid to adjust to the new, healthy way of eating.

Not living a healthy lifestyle yourself

This step is so obvious, yet most parents of obese children do not live a healthy lifestyle. This results in the child NOT learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Too many parents are unaware that their actions are being monitored by their children. Habits that a parent exhibits will likely be repeated by their child.  If the parents don’t exercise, they likely won’t exercise. If the parents don’t eat healthy foods, they likely won’t eat healthy foods. It is simple as that.

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Solution: Start making lifestyle changes to improve your health. Regardless of your current physical condition, living a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. By adding a child into the equation, it intensifies the need to practice healthy habits. While it is not guaranteed that the child will start living a healthy lifestyle, at least you expose them to it (while improving your own health).

The childhood obesity epidemic wasn’t created in a day. Nonetheless, by following these 2 solutions, you can do your part by helping your child get in shape.