Diabetes is a difficult illness to diagnose without going to your doctor. So it is best to see your doctor right away if you feel like you are having symptoms of diabetes. Some of the early symptoms include; frequent urination, excessive thirst, tiredness, blurry vision, cuts that don’t heal and tingling sensations in your fingers or toes. If you, or a loved one, is having these symptoms you should talk with your primary care doctor. They will do some blood work to help determine if your symptoms are early signs of diabetes.

Frequent trips to the Bathroom

We all have those days where we run off to the bathroom a few more times than normal. But if you notice yourself making frequent trips over several days or several weeks, it may be something to discuss with your doctor. Keep a journal of how much you are drinking and how often you are urinating so you have some information to show your doctor.

Overly Thirsty

If you are overly thirsty and drinking more fluid it is likely you will also be using the bathroom more often. There are other reasons your body might be thirsty, not just as an early sign of diabetes. Thirst can indicate dehydration or even a normal reaction to certain medications. If you feel like you are excessively thirsty and it is something new, it may be an early sign of diabetes though; so go see your doctor.

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As adults, and certainly as parents, we get tired sometimes. It’s even possible for us to get a full night sleep and still feel exhausted the next day. The toll of day to day life can sometimes increase the need for sleep that your body has. But if you notice yourself becoming tired in the middle of the day, or even after having several days of good sleep, this is something to pay attention to.

Blurry Vision

Sudden blurry vision is an emergency and you should go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room. But slowly increasing blurred vision that comes and goes away may be an early symptom of diabetes. This is an often ignored symptom of other illnesses as well, so just get to the doctor so they can check you out and see what is causing the blurry vision.

Wounds that are not healing

When your body is busy trying to balance the insulin and glucose in your cells, it cannot concentrate on healing wounds. Some people will notice this as the first sign of diabetes. A wound can sometimes take a week or two to heal normally, but if you notice your cut is taking more time than that, talk with your doctor. Keep the wound clean and dry and write down how long it has been healing. It might also be a good time to look at the other early symptoms to see if you are having any of those.

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Tingling in Extremities

It is normal for your foot to fall asleep if you have been sitting on it or your arm to feel numb when you wake up after sleeping on it. Early signs of diabetes that including tingling in your extremities will not be associated with how you slept or sat on your limb. Instead, you might notice tingling when you are sitting at work or numbness when you are driving.

Early signs of diabetes may not show at all, these are just some typically symptoms. If you feel like you have any of these, or if you are just not feeling right and think something might be going on, see your doctor. Many illnesses that have similar symptoms as diabetes are just as important to catch as early as possible.