Many people do not consider exercise as a possible solution to solve their erectile complications. Well, the fact is completely opposite to that belief. Exercise can help you in conquering erectile dysfunction and other similar problems. One of the reasons of erectile dysfunction is a sedentary way of life. When you become a couch potato, you become more vulnerable to face erection problems along with other health problems.

Stay Active

You might be thinking how exercise can help in treating your ED. Well, a major cause of ED is poor blood flow and circulation to specific areas of your body, which include your genitals. And doing regular exercises can help overcome that problem considerably as all types of exercises aim at improving the blood circulation of an individual. Exercises, medication and a good diet can help you get stronger erections.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

According to research done by British experts, strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises is the best way to beat erectile dysfunction. The research further suggested that doing Kegel exercises for 4-6 months regularly will make your pelvic floor much stronger therefore, minimizing the chances of ED and other injuries and diseases.

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Improve Your Vascular Health

As mentioned above, aerobic exercises can help in improving cardiovascular health. The better your heart is, the lesser the chances of erectile dysfunction and the poorer your cardiovascular health is, the more erectile problems you will face. Simple aerobic exercises such as jogging and walking for 30-45 minutes will significantly improve your cardiovascular health and protect you from several diseases, and help you maintain an erection.


By performing regular exercises, you are giving your stamina a boost. This will come in handy if you take part in some kind of sports. Indulging in sports is a good option for patients with erectile dysfunction, but they have to choose the sports wisely. They should avoid sports and exercises that put more pressure on pelvic region. For instance, cycling as a hobby or as a sport will do more harm than good. When you have more stamina, it gives you an advantage in sports and boosts your energy levels.

Reduce Stress

Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces stress. Stress and depression is listed among the top psychological causes of ED. Exercise will help you to keep stress levels under control, therefore, making your life less hectic and stress free. When you negate the big causes of ED, you will have fewer problems to deal with when it comes to erectile dysfunction. In addition to this, it also increases the production of natural antioxidants circulating in the body, which are much lower in patients with erectile dysfunction as compared to normal men.

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More Nitric Oxide

All the medications used to treat erectile dysfunction acts as a vasodilator and have nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels. If you want to achieve the same results naturally without any side effects, then there is nothing better than mild aerobic exercises. Yes, you read that right. By doing regular exercise, you are forcing your body to produce more nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow. In addition to this, nitric oxide is also good for diabetics because it improves insulin resistance and has many other health benefits too.

You might be familiar with the positive effects of exercise for your health, but you might not have think of using exercise as a mode of treatment for erectile dysfunction. The fact is that it can help you keep your erectile problems under control. So, keep the aforementioned points in mind and treat your ED symptoms more effectively.