Maybe not all of us notice this but your face often says something about your health. It can reveal a number of minor details about your health. From the level of iron and vitamins in your bloodstream to the digestive problems you are facing, everything is obvious on your face. Beauty experts claim that your face tells virtually everything about your health and lifestyle. If you want to know what your face indicates about your health, you must read on and figure your health condition without the help of a physician.

Mouth and Chin

Starting from the mouth, many women can notice lines around the mouth and chin area. These are not necessarily wrinkles or a sign of premature aging. These lines are formed due to excessive smoking. Men who smoke also have these lines but they are not as prominent, usually because of facial hair. You can tackle this situation easily by quitting smoking or by applying lip balm regularly to keep your mouth firm. The next thing, which is again common in unhealthy women, is sores around the mouth. These sores indicate that your diet is lacking adequate amount of vitamin B. Skin expert Nataliya Robins says that women who don’t eat leafy green vegetables and lean meat develop these sores easily.

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Dryness on the lips is a common symptom of dehydration but that’s not where the story ends. Dry lips indicate iron and vitamin deficiency in the body. It’s best to seek the help of a general physician in this case. If the dryness or inflammation is expanding towards the chin or the surrounding area of your mouth, it shows that your digestive system isn’t working properly, particularly the bowels. Annie Day, a holistic therapist, suggests massaging the affected area of the chin can help you if you are suffering from constipation.


Do you see horizontal lines on your forehand? These lines also indicate that your digestive system is affected. In this condition, drink a glass of warm water with a spoonful of limejuice mixed in it. Drinking it every morning will be effective for treating these issues. If there is a prominent frown mark on your forehand, it indicates pressure on the liver. These lines that give you a distinguished depressive look can be due to many other physical or mental issues. While the underlying reason may differ, it doesn’t fail to show the person is going through a discomforting situation which can result in an adrenal overload. It can also cause severe burnout.

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Pimples usually occur on the cheeks but if you see them on the forehead, there are a few things you need to look out for, which include internal problems with the liver and stomach. Pimples on the forehead result from congestion in stomach or the presence of toxins. Nutritionists suggest cutting down on the consumption of junk food and recommend eating more natural and raw foods.

Jaw Line

If you have acne on the jaw line, it shows you need to alter your daily diet.  Acne often results from the high consumption of fat rich dairy items and foods with high sugar content. Your chances of developing acne on jaw line are doubled if you eat more junk and refined foods. Substituting junk food with raw and organic food will flush out toxins from your system.

One other reason identified by facial health experts includes low level of estrogen production. The level of estrogen is directly linked with age so when women get older, the estrogen production lowers thus acne develops on the jaw line. Estrogen is responsible for suppressing sebaceous on the skin when it stops performing its function. Dr. Howard Murad illustrates deficiency of vitamin A as a major cause of acne on the jaw line.

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These are some of the signs which show up on your face and tell you about your health.