Boredom is a big factor in children over eating. It is an activity that they often choose when there is nothing else for them to do. Instead of letting your child eat out of boredom, help combat that boredom with fun family activities. Gardening, charity work, day trips and outdoor sports are all ways you can work as a family to beat the boredom that leads to over eating. Make a plan ahead of time for school breaks and weekends so you and your whole family can work together to stay healthy.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Learning how to grow your own food is such a great way to teach children about healthy eating. Planting the seeds and watching your vegetables come to life is a very satisfying process for children of any age. Plus you will have extra vegetables for your family to use at meals and snacks. If your garden is extremely successful you could even organize a vegetable stand on weekends to earn some extra cash. Working together as a family, planting a vegetable garden, and maintaining it throughout the season is a great way to build a love of vegetables in your children. Knowing how they are grown makes vegetables more appealing to children.

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Hold a Car Wash Fundraiser

Does your family have a church or favorite charity that you like to give to? Try planning a charity car wash fundraiser for them. This is a physically active task that your whole family can participate in together. Charity work is a way of teaching your children the importance of giving back to their community, plus you will be active as a family so you certainly will not be thinking about food.

Take a Day Trip

No matter where you live there are fun day trips you can take as a family. Getting out of the house and away from your kitchen means you can limit the foods you have and avoid over eating. Plan a picnic at your local park or spend the day at the zoo. No matter what you decide, make sure to pack healthy snacks for the whole family to enjoy throughout your day. Pack more than you think you will need, because if you run out of food while on the road, it is easier to turn to junk food or fast food because people are hungry.

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Play Games

Outdoor games are a fun way for the whole family to get exercise while enjoying the nice weather. You can put together a basketball game or soccer game and play against each other. Or just practice making baskets at your local indoor gym if the weather will not cooperate. It does not matter what you choose, just playing together as a family will be fun. Bring a soccer ball in the trunk of your car as you head out for a day trip, just in case you come across the perfect park to play at.

Being active is a great way to fight over eating as a family. The more activities you have planned the less likely your family is to become bored and turn to snacking to fill their time. Be a good example to your kids by finding more things to do when you are bored. Take a proactive role in setting up activities when you know there is likely to be boredom, like during school holidays and summer breaks. Fun activities come in a variety of forms and your family might find a few that you really love. Stay active and having fun with your kids is a great way to set up good habits for the rest of their lives.

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