Interested in how to get a clear skin fast?

Below is what I do to get flawless gorgeous skin for the modeling industry. For me  it worked within a month.

Sometimes you can be at a certain ages(puberty) where you are just going to have to get us to the pimples. it sucks, but it is just what happens. I sometimes get small pimples before I get my periods, and there is nothing I can do about it.

My suggestion is to use:
1)Garnier-Deep clean Foaming wash; Use this morning and night, with warm water a face cloth and circular motions. Dry your face after;

2)Biore-Triple action toner-Using cotton makeup rounds, place a generous amount onto cotton pad makeup round and place on face. let it dry in;

3)Benzyl peroxide(start off with 2.5% then go to 5%.), This is the active ingredient in proactive, so this product may not work for you, so if not, I would suggest OXY acne solution creams.

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This is a 3 step process, which you must continue twice daily, every day.

If you want something cheaper for you face wash, try Gamophen, comes in a soap, but it is not a soap, its for your face 🙂

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-Try also to wash your wash after sweating, being around dirt etc.
-Get your hairy out of your face.
-Use a proper, non oily sunscreen(i dont use sunscreen at all, it causes me to break out)
-stay away from chocolate. soda, etc
-Have Cod Liver Tablets daily, from chemist. (they don’t have on the packet that it’s good for your face. but trust me, its great for your skin).
-I have 2 carrots daily, helps also with your skin
-drink plenty of water

This is what i follow, day in day out, and know i have amazing clear skin, about 6 months ago, it was horrible .
Let me know how you go by leaving a comment bellow.

Hope it works for you too.