A glass of wine does more than help you unwind. It contains several health benefits. So sit back, pour you a glass of wine and see what 8 health benefits you will receive.

Reduce depression

It makes sense that wine reduces depression since most people drink it to relax. A study was conducted on men and women between 55-80 years old to determine the mental effects of wine. The ones who drank 2-7 glasses of wine per week were less likely to become depressed than those who didn’t drink wine. So continue to drink wine on those very stressful days.

Prevents colon cancer

In the U.S. colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in men and women. In other words, it is a big problem. However, a glass of wine may curb that issue. Studies show that moderate red wine consumption can significantly reduce rates of bowel tumors.

Slows down aging process

Nobody wants to wake up one day and see they got skin wrinkles. A glass of wine may delay that day from occurring. Researchers discovered that wine has a compound called resveratrol that has anti-aging properties. A study conducted on mice found that resveratrol increased their lifespan. Another study found out that red wine contained another compound, procyanidins, in which slows down aging by keeping blood vessels healthy.

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Prevent breast cancer

According to statistics, around 400,000 women die from breast cancer each year. While there is no cure for breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter), wine can help prevent the onset of it. In pre-menopausal women, researchers discovered that red wine reduces estrogen levels while raising testosterone. Essentially, this reduces formation of cancer cells. The findings shocked researchers due to the notion that alcoholic beverages increased risk of cancer rather than prevent it.

Prevent against sunburn

People in humid environments have to deal with constant sunlight. Those people should definitely invest in wine. Wine and grape products help prevent sunburn by protecting the skin from UV rays. You can thank flavonoids (a chemical found in wine) for that.

Protects brain after stroke

Going through a stroke can be a dramatic ordeal. If you been through a stroke, wine can help heal your brain. Studies show that red wine raises levels of heme oxygenase, an enzyme that protects nerve cells in the brain. In case you had another stroke, high levels of heme oxygenase ensures your brain is well-protected.

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Prevents dementia

Been forgetful lately? Well a glass of wine can help you remember things. Numerous studies have touted the benefits of wine towards dementia. Moderately drinking red wine can help reduce the onset of dementia by 23%.

Prevents blindness

As we get older, our vision tends to wane. A glass of wine makes sure that isn’t the case. Research shows that wine prevents abnormal blood vessel growth in the eyes; a condition in which causes blindness.

These 8 health benefits are all in a glass of wine. So continue to relax, drink and enjoy the benefits!