On December 31st, you vowed to lose weight and get in to the best shape possible. Fast forward to March 31st, you are on the couch watching Lifetime channel (ladies) or ESPN (men) while eating bonbons. What happen to your New Year resolution? Last I checked, eating bonbons while curling the remote control wasn’t a quality workout and diet regimen. According to statistics, losing weight is the number one New Year resolution. Unfortunately, most people give up on their weight loss goal within 6 months.

How in the world are you ever going to accomplish your weight goal (or any goal in life) if you give up so easy? Before you get all melancholy on me, know that you still have a chance. You aren’t promised tomorrow, but you have today. So today, you will learn 2 quotes that will determine how motivated you are for weight-loss. So put down the bonbons for a second and read.

Consistency is Key

You may have heard someone say that, “Consistency is key.” And that is so true. To successfully accomplish your goal, you have to consistently pursue it. Weight loss is no different. On the other hand, you can be consistent in something bad as well and get an unfavorable outcome. Think about this. The reason you are out shape is likely because you consistently overate and not exercised for several years. Most people don’t think about that, yet want to lose 50lbs by tomorrow. If that is you, then be prepared for a rude awakening. It is optimal to lose 1 to 2lb of body fat per week; thus, it technically could take you almost one year to lose 50lbs of fat! So if you can’t be patient, then you’re destined to remain out of shape. But if you are determined to lose weight no matter how long it takes, then remember: consistency is key.

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Weather the storm

In your pursuit of weight loss, can you weather the storm? In other words, will you continue to work out when things get difficult? Life has a way of throwing unexpected obstacles at you so can you dodge them? Certain people (even some family and friends) will “hate” or “throw salt” on your goal of losing weight, so can you ignore them? Even the weather itself will rain, sleet, or snow to deter you from going to the gym, but will you still go? If you can confidently answer “yes” to all of those questions, you will accomplish your weight loss goal.

Overall, being consistent and overcoming life obstacles goes hand and hand. If you’re willing to be consistent, then you’re able to overcome obstacles. So in order to do that, put the bonbons, chips or whatever snack you have down, get up and do something today! Remember, tomorrow is not promised, but you have today.