Have you ever thought to yourself “how I’d love to get off the couch and just go out and play something or do some sports activity?” but then you stopped thinking which is the best sport you could try? There are so many sports you could choose from that can make you happy and keep your physical condition in shape as well, and so little time and, well, only one you!

1. It has to be fun

Taking into account that there are so many options you can pick from, it’s essential for it to be fun. I mean, yes running 10 miles is a great cardio but damn, if you hate running it will be the longest run of your life and you will hate getting off the couch. Truth is, in many cases we might be a bit prejudiced when it comes to sports. We see others playing it and we think “no, that could never be me” but if you were to give it a shot, who knows? Maybe you’d end up loving it. So don’t cut off a sport from your list just because it doesn’t “seem” fun.

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2. What kind of a person are you?

It’s a good idea to have a precise idea about what type of person you are. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Do you find yourself talking for hours or people have to beg you for one word? This is important in deciding whether you are meant more for team sports or rather individual performances. At times, though, bear in mind that taking part in team activities can open you up a bit and take you out from your shell for a change. For extroverts a more individual sports can help them connect more with their inner selves.

3. Don’t be afraid to get involved

One of the biggest mistakes we make is being afraid of trying something new. For instance, I got into rock climbing by pure mistake. I had no strength, no physical abilities and was afraid of heights. Not a very great combo for climbing. But I got really passionate about it on the way and I started training really hardcore and in one years’ time I was able to climb on rocks I would have not even dreamt of before. But at first it was weird to go to the gym where everyone has been climbing for a while already and they look at beginners as were amateurs that are bound to quit soon.

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The main idea is to not give up on your passion and most importantly, on yourself. If you found something you like doing, stick to it no matter what others might think!

4. Don’t pick at all!

Maybe organized sports are not your thing at all and you prefer to go solo when it comes to scheduling your activities. For instance, you can go swimming every once in a while or hiking, rock climbing is another unconventional sport you could give a thought.

Don’t cross out the so called “calmer” sports either, such as yoga or Pilates. It might not seem like much of a fuss but trust me, one hour of yoga and you’ll be glad to be able to walk home afterwards. Plus they bring other benefits as well, besides the obvious physical ones. They help you connect with your inner self and know your limits and then cross them.

The point is that, whichever sport you might go for, perseverance is the key. Don’t give up when things get tough and don’t give up based on what others might think. Everyone started at a certain point from somewhere. You have to give yourself the push to start as well and become happier. So allow yourself the joy that physical activities can bring, both physically and mentally!

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