Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, is, what the name obviously states a very low pressure in the blood level. Compared to a high blood pressure, hypotension is something many people might desire. However. The reality is a bit different. And hypotension comes with its downsides, such as dizziness, fainting and in some cases it can be life threatening.

What can be other symptoms of hypotension? Dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, nausea, lack of concentration and much more.

What can lead to hypotension?

You can experience a low blood pressure during pregnancy, for instance. Or given that you have heart problems, it can be due to dehydration, blood loss, infection, allergic reactions or even due to certain medications.

However, bear in mind that whatever symptoms you might be showing, the best idea is to contact your doctor in order to receive professional advice and, given the case, medication.

What are possible treatments?

In order to restore your blood pressure level to normal, you can start following a healthier diet which includes certain targeted elements.

Consume more fluids.

Dehydration is a main cause that leads to low blood pressure. Hence, trying to stay hydrated all the time might be a good prevention. Also, pay attention to the amount of fluids you consume during exercise.

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Diet higher in salt.

On the contrary to the recommendations when it comes to high blood pressure, when we are dealing with hypotension, consumption of salt is preferable since it can increase blood pressure.

Vitamin B12.

Lacking vitamin B12 might lead to anemia which then further leads to low blood pressure. Try consuming more aliments containing vitamin B12, such as eggs, cereals, and beef.

Exercise regularly.

Physical activity can promote the blood flow.

High folate foods. Not consuming enough folate can lead to the same effects as not having enough vitamin B12. Foods you can focus on are liver, asparagus and beans.


Once again, laying in total opposition with the recommendations for high blood pressure, caffeine can boot your blood pressure, for the moment though. It also works as a stimulus for the cardiovascular system.

Take care with abrupt movements. Quickly standing up or rising from the bed can lead to dizziness due to low blood pressure. Hence, before standing up, try pumping your feet and ankles a couple of times.

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Also, since low blood pressure can appear right after meals, try preventing this by eating smaller and more regular meals, more often.

Limit alcoholic beverages.

Along with these prevention and natural possibilities for treatment keep in mind that there are plenty of medication that can be prescribed to help you with your blood pressure. In order to follow a treatment though, contact your doctor who can diagnose you properly and keep your condition in check.

Let us know if you have been recommended or if you tried anything else from the above mentioned tips and what worked for you. And keep in mind. Hydration is essential!