It doesn’t matter if you eat healthy and follow a strict fitness regime. Losing weight does not just entail sticking to eating healthy food and going to the gym. Successful weight loss is guaranteed only when you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t expect to shed those pounds when you cannot practice control over your cravings and every day cheats. Here are the top reasons why you may be unsuccessful in losing weight:

Skipping Breakfast

Don’t believe that skipping breakfast is a great way to avoid calories. Bear in mind that people who eat breakfast every day are more successful in losing weight than those who skip it. Why is it so important? Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism but only if you eat the right kind of protein to keep your energy and fiber for keeping you filled for longer hours.

Eating While Standing Up

Ever heard of ‘mindless eating’ or ‘binge eating’? Experts have observed it often occurs when you are standing. It is suggested to avoid standing at the counter or fridge in an attempt to save time on eating. Your mind will probably not register it as having lunch or dinner and you are compelled to feel hungry again after an hour of this session.

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Skipping Sleep

Do you try replacing your sleep time with gym time? Although it is true that you require extra time for exercise but when you substitute your sleep time for it, lack of sleep will affect your eating habits as well and is bound to increase appetite-stimulating hormones.

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Exercising On an Empty Stomach

Researchers have revealed that when working out on an empty stomach, calories are burned from muscle not fat. This implies that instead of doing good, such an exercise routine can have an adverse effect. Be careful to fuel your body for a rigorous workout to avoid losing muscle and for enough support while you work out.

Discarding Vegetables

When you eat five to seven fruits and vegetable servings for a day, a whole platter of plant-based foods will do you a lot of good. A large variety of essential nutrients with fewer calories and a whole lot of fiber not only helps you maintain healthy looking skin but keeps you feeling fuller longer.

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Starving Yourself

Many people are made to believe that starving is the only real way of losing weight. Not only is it a popular myth, it can have a devastating effect on your metabolism. Many of us who starve ourselves during the day are hungry enough to eat a horse by dinnertime. Instead of going food-less for the whole day, eat smaller portions of healthy snacks to avoid overeating at dinner.

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Always Dining Out

Nothing can beat home-cooked healthy meals. When you eat at home, you can be sure of the nutrients and the calories you are consuming in your salads and meat. Make interesting appetizers by using natural herbs and grill your fish and chicken by using small amounts of oil and spices. Invite a friend to your home to flaunt your cooking skills instead of dining out.

Only Doing Cardio

Do you run on the treadmill for long hours but haven’t ever lifted a pound? Think again. Lifting weights not only puts your whole body to work, it also prepares your body to endure stress or injuries by building muscle mass and increasing the metabolic rate.

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It’s easy to get trapped in the maze of weight loss when you don’t know which pieces would fit right. Be careful and avoid doing anything that will affect you negatively instead of positively during your weight loss.

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