Juice cleanses are becoming widely popular among people around the globe. But before you set forth on a long cleanse, it’s important to understand the rules of juice cleanses. It is also extremely important to talk with your doctor before and during a juice cleanse. Some people should not do juice cleanses because of medical complications or illnesses. If you have been cleared to try a juice cleanse to help you feel younger, it is important to understand the main components in the cleansing process. Vegetables and fruits will of course be most important, but you might also have solid foods as well. Water and the length of time you are going to do the cleanse are essential to your success also.


Not all vegetables are the same when it comes to juicing. You will want to combine dark leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach with more water based vegetables like cucumbers and celery. By combining these vegetables you will get a better taste and a larger amount of vegetable juice. It is important to make your juices primarily vegetable based as these have the most nutrients in them. Use vegetables in all of your juices and fruits only in small amounts.

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Fruits are the easiest and most delicious items to juice. You can easily juice these items and get plenty of sweet delicious juice; the problem with drinking too much fruit juice is that they are full of sugar. The sugar in fruit juice is a natural form, but it will still affect your glucose levels and should be limited when doing a natural juice cleanse. Add one apple to your vegetable juice to help with the taste, or make a breakfast juice that is from oranges, but do not drink excessive amounts of fruit juice.

Solid Foods

Some people find it necessary to eat some solid foods as they are not able to fully drink juices only. If you choose to eat solid foods, make sure you are eating natural based foods like a fresh salad or solid vegetables. Naturally foods will pass through your system easier than fried foods or other processed foods.


Even though many of the fruits and vegetables you are drinking have plenty of water in them, it is still important to drink plain water. While you are on a juice cleanse your body is going to be rapidly trying to rid itself of toxins so the water you drink will help your body with this process. Spread your water intake out throughout the day so your body is operating optimally all day long. You might not need to drink the full 64 ounces of water as recommended while you are eating a normal diet, but drinking a few small cups of water throughout the day will be helpful.

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Start with a short cleanse to see how your body reacts and see how you feel during the cleanse. Some people will have no problems at all, while others will feel ill due to the rapid detoxification their body is going through. It may be helpful to stop eating processed foods, caffeine and sugar a few days before your cleanse to help your body and prevent withdrawal feelings once the cleanse starts.

Natural juice cleansing is a great way to detoxify your body and make you feel younger. You are flushing out the toxins from your cells and making room for healthy new cells. Most people who do a short cleanse find that they love them and want to do a longer one their next time. Make sure your juices are primarily vegetable based and limit the amount of fruits to see the most success from your cleanse.