Lately in a conversation I had about feminism people ardently fought about the idea of pay gap between genders. So I decided to take a deeper look into this and see whether it really is a reality we have to face or just a myth people came up with.

Apparently, only 61% of men do believe that they are paid better than women and the rest find this idea to be silly. When it comes to women, 83% of them believe that pay gap is a real topic that needs to be tackled and taken care of.

  1. Let’s talk about family leave

We can face discrimination first when it comes to parenthood. As you might be well aware of it, in the US very few times family paid leave is offered. However, women are likely to take unpaid family leave whereas men refuse it most of the time. Also, employers are less likely to prefer women especially due to the fact that they are bound to become mothers at a certain time and leave. However, even if a woman is 100% dedicated to her career and never has children the pay gap still exists.

  1. Negotiation skills
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It seems that one of the main reasons why we, women are less likely to climb up the career hill is due to the fact that we do not have the negotiation skills that it takes. So why can’t we fight for what we truly want? Be it a raise or a different position higher in rank? Studies show that women who do ask for a raise are bound to be penalized and are not seen with the best eyes. From my own personal experience I find the negotiation part as being quite tough indeed so what we can do as women is toughen up and ask for our righteous rights within the company we work so hard for.

  1. How much is your job worth

The thing about many of the jobs is not that women are not aware about which field pays more but rather that when a woman does or chooses a certain career path, the job instantly becomes less valuable. To give you an example, the moment a majority of women decided to become designers, the wages fell by 34%.

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All in all, the wage gap can be reduced to $0.20 but if you add the sum up throughout the year you will see that it’s not to be neglected. Is there a solution to this wage gap between genders? For instance nowadays the gap can also be explained due to the fact that only 18% of IT graduates are women and jobs in IT are highly paid these days so maybe we are not just interested in the highest paid fields that are out there nowadays.

At any rate, things look bright as the feminist movements evolve as well and the gap seems to tighten so in the near future hopefully this topic will not even be debatable any longer. Let us know if you had any experiences regarding the gap or if you noticed ever that you might be paid less for the same job, or maybe paid more? We are awaiting for your reply in the comments’ section!