It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy and have diabetes. In order to make it through the pregnancy it is essential that you follow your doctor’s guidelines and pay close attention to your health and your baby’s health. Controlling your blood sugar, eating a balance diet, exercise and diabetes drugs will work together to make your pregnancy a successful one. If possible, consult your doctor before becoming pregnant; there are important health factors that anyone struggling with diabetes should work through with their primary care doctor before becoming pregnant. Keep an open line of communication with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy will also help you stay on track for your health and your baby’s health.

Controlling Blood Sugar

Hopefully, even before becoming pregnant, you had a good control over your blood sugar levels. But during pregnancy there are specific concerns that can make blood sugar control difficult. During the first trimester your body is growing the most important aspects of your unborn child. Keeping blood sugar levels within normal limits is essential during this time period to avoid birth defects and even miscarriages. Take the time to care for yourself and monitor your sugar levels closely.

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This can become especially difficult if you are suffering from morning sickness or having a difficult time eating regular meals. Keep small snacks around like almonds, oranges and trail mix to help the delicate balance of blood sugar levels during this first trimester.


It is important to gain weight during your pregnancy but you want it to be healthy weight that is useful to your growing baby. Make sure your diet is rich in green vegetables and healthy fats like avocados. Use Quinoa instead of white rice in meals to boost your protein intake and minimize your simple carbohydrates. Check your blood sugar often and make small changes to keep your glucose within the normal range.


Getting regular exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. But during your pregnancy it can really help to regulate your blood sugars. Go for short walks after you eat meals to keep your metabolism moving and keep control of your blood sugars. When you move into the third trimester and moving around becomes more difficult, try swimming or riding a stationary bike to keep your fitness level up.

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Diabetes Drugs

If you were regularly taking diabetes medications prior to pregnancy your doctor will likely keep you on some sort of medications. Depending on your history there may be a need to switch your oral or insulin medication during your pregnancy. Managing your diet and exercise throughout your pregnancy can minimize blood sugar highs and lows and the need for insulin. Plan your meals and work with your physician to find the best balance of diet, oral medication and insulin to keep you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Having diabetes and being pregnant can be a scary obstacle, but working with your doctor and being prepared can help you finish with a healthy baby. Taking time to keep track of your diet is essential and will help control your diabetes. Exercise will help your body process the sugars and you may need less insulin, but check your glucose levels frequently since your body is changing throughout the pregnancy. Even if you follow all the diet, exercise and drug rules that your doctor sets out for you, it is possible you will need to deliver your baby early.

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Work with your spouse to make a plan early in your pregnancy for the possibility of an early delivery. Then do your best to follow a healthy eating lifestyle and all the rules your doctor sets out for you. Your health care provider is your partner in this pregnancy and you should contact them anytime you have questions or concerns.