Are you depressed?

That is a tough question to ask for most people. Unfortunately, the answer to that question for many people is “yes”. Does that make them a weak person? Not at all. Life gets us all down at times. It is some people handle it worse than others. According to U.S. statistics, 1 out of 10 people will experience depression during their lifetime.

The number of people being diagnosed with depression increases by 20% every year. However, there are too many people who have no clue they are depressed. Are you one of them? Here are 10 signs that you may suffer from depression.

Always feeling sad

Feelings sadness is usually the first sign of depression. If you’re mostly feel hopeless and empty for no apparent reason, then that is a major red-flag.

Feelings of guilt

Feeling guilty for no reason is a sign of depression. People like this feel worthless or remorseful even if they haven’t done anything wrong. They also see their unhappiness (i.e., depression) as a sign of weakness.

Quick tempered

Do you find yourself getting angry off of the most trivial things? Being easily irritated is tell-tale sign that you are not happy. Studies show that most men (and some women) who are depressed express their feelings through anger.

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Lack of focus

Been having issues focusing at work lately? It could be more than your boss getting on your nerves. Depression makes people lose mental focus and clarity. It makes concentrating and making decisions even more difficult.

Muscle aches and pains

A lot of people are unaware that depression can cause muscular aches and pains. Also, it causes chronic headaches and digestive problems. Depression is a major reason that unexplained health issues occurs in most people.

Lack of energy

Unexplained loss of energy is a major sign of depression. The reason for that is constant stress zaps your energy. So it may be more than a lack of sleep that is making you tired. Speaking of that….

Poor sleeping habits

You been waking up too early or too late? Been having issues going to sleep or staying sleep? If yes to any of those questions, then that could be because of depression.


When you are very unhappy, you tend not to care about anything. You tend to do things such as not maintain proper hygiene or engage in social interactions. Basically, you tend to avoid people, including family and friends. Those are huge signs that you are depressed.

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Lack of appetite/Increase of appetite

Having a lack of appetite or eating to make you happy is a sign of depression. Also, if you rapidly gain or lose 5% of your body weight in a within one month is a red flag.

Suicidal thoughts

If you have thoughts of killing yourself, you are definitely depressed. If you have reached this stage, please seek professional help.

Those are 10 signs of depression. If you have exhibited one or more of those symptoms, please seek professional help. Your life is more important than letting depression bring you down.