Personality tests are a good activity when you get bored, but they can also be very useful if you want to get to know each other better. The Internet offers many examples of such tests. Here are the top 3 most popular personality tests to find out what dominant features you have.

Top 3 popular personality tests

  1. The Colors Personality Test

This test is based  on Dr. Max Luscher’s research at the beginning of the 20th century. He tried  to understand how colors affect people’s behavior and he was hired as a consultant to many large companies. The test is based on the fundamentals of color psychology, which say that chromatic elements generate a certain emotional response from people. It is important to note that this test also depends on the individual`s state of the moment. For example, if you feel depressed when you do the test, it is very possible to change the final result od the color personality test. You may notice various conflicts that occur as you do the test several times over a long period of time. However, the test is considered to be accurate, being used by some corporations and universities at the time of hiring and, respectively, when enrolling in courses.

  1. The “Big Five” Personality Test

The “Big Five” test has its origins in the research conducted by two separate teams in the 1970s. Both teams used different paths and came to the same conclusion: human personalities can be divided into five dimensions, regardless of language or culture. These five types of personality have come to light by interviewing thousands of people and analyzing data through statistical procedures. It is important to note that none of the teams had started with the idea of ​​getting those five dimensions, but these have emerged in both cases as a result of the processing of the information. The “Big Five” test is one of the most popular personality tests of this kind in scientific circles. In the “Big Five” test, you have to express your perception of yourself in certain given situations. The answers are based on a scale in which 1 represents a strong disagreement, 5 represents a strong agreement, and 2, 3 and 4 represent intermediate values ​​between these two extremes (disagreement, neutrality and agreement). There are no wrong answers and it is advisable to be as honest as possible for accurate results.

  1. The “You just Get Me” personality test
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The “Just Just Get Me” test is fun because it offers you the ability to compare the perception that you have about yourself with the perception that others have about you. All you have to do is answer 40 questions, which will reveal the main traits of your personality: disciplined or not, traditionalist or nonconformist, neurotic or rational, cooperative or competitive, extroverted or introverted.

These personality test are fun and reveal traits of each individual. If one is curios to find more about their dominant features, there are many links that can be accessed online to do the tests online.

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