Wake up! It is work out time.

Many people have no clue the various health benefits they receive from working out in the morning. Exercising in the morning can help you start your day off right. Numerous studies show the health benefits of morning exercise.Here are 5 benefits of lacing up your Nikes and heading out for a morning run.

Boosts productivity

Ever notice how alert you are after finishing a great workout? Well imagine how productive you will be after finishing a great workout? Research illustrates that exercise boost brain power 4 to 10 hours after working out. Exercise release endorphins that boosts energy levels and overall mental clarity. In turn, this boosts work productivity tremendously. Hopefully, this boosts of productivity helps your boss finally get off of your….

Boosts metabolism

Need help losing weight? Well there is not a better way to jumpstart your metabolism then a morning workout! The caloric after burn upon finishing your workout will last through out of the day. Want an added metabolism boost? Drink coffee prior to your workout. Not only does coffee provide an energy boost; it makes your body burn more calories.

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Improve sleep

Studies show that people who exercise in the morning get sleep better vs. those people who work out later. I credit that to the endorphins you receive in the morning. Due to that, you are more productive. By being more productive, you complete work early. By completing work early, you are less stressed. By being less stressed, you are able to get better sleep.

Avoid the gym crowds

Is it just me or do you hate it when you go the gym after work and it resembles a nightclub? Well you will not have that problem when going there during the morning hours. Most people do not come to the gym around 5am-8am timeframe. That is a great time for you to get in a quality workout.

Improve chances of eating better

Why mess up a quality morning work out by going to a fast-food joint later? Morning time workouts will improve your eating habits throughout the day. Also, studies show that morning workouts can blunt appetite; therefore, making it easier to eat better.

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These 5 health benefits should make you want to wake up and workout! Besides, it is better than continuing to lay in the bed while dreading to go to work.