Consistent inability to get stronger erections and sustaining them for a longer period is known as erectile dysfunction. Similar to other diseases, if you want to treat and or prevent erectile dysfunction, you should have a sound knowledge and understanding of its symptoms and causes. It is not easy as one might think because many different factors play their part in causing this disorder. Mentioned below are some symptoms of ED:

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Before looking at some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary that you know about the causes of this disorder. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction ranging from surgeries, injuries, medications to psychological problems such as stress. Your diet and lifestyle can also contribute towards decreased libido and erectile complications.

Smoking and Alcohol

Starting with your lifestyle, if you are a smoker or an alcoholic, then you are more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Both the activities are injurious to your health, but are also harmful for your genital organs. Avoid smoking and minimize your alcohol intake.

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Cancer and Surgery

Patients of prostate cancer have the highest risk of developing erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, injured patients or patients who have recently recovered from a major surgery are also in trouble because during a major surgery many blood vessels are damaged, which can lead to ED.

Circulation Problems

One of the main reasons behind erectile dysfunction is poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can occur due to various reasons such as blockage of arteries, contracting blood vessels or hardening of blood vessels and arteries. A healthy heart and blood vessels are crucial for success in overcoming this disorder.

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

Strongly linked to an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, high blood pressure can hamper the blood flow and make your arteries hard. On the other side, high cholesterol is caused due to consumption of fatty foods. Deposits of fat accumulate over the blood vessels and results in the blockage of arteries.

Depression and Stress

When it comes to psychological aspects, stress is ranked at the top of the list. It is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Whether it is due to family problem, performance issue at workplace or anything else, you need to conquer it quickly to get stronger erections.

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Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The most obvious symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to get a stronger erection and maintain it for a longer period. If the problem occurs occasionally then it is not something that you should worry about because it happens with age. Nevertheless, when it persists and your symptoms gets worse with the passage of time, then there is a physical cause behind it instead of stress or any other psychological cause.

If the symptoms develop abruptly then it is due to stress and any physical factor. Getting erections that are not strong enough or failure to retain an erection for longer is linked to having a poor blood circulation. Another symptom is the loss of libido and mood swings.

Being aware of all the symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction makes it easier to protect yourself from the disorder. Keep an eye on what you eat because most of the causes such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol and circulation problems that can cause ED are linked to your diet. Some lifestyle changes such as avoiding tobacco and alcohol will go a long way in increasing your chances to beat erectile dysfunction. Consult with your doctor and tell him about your condition.