Dear readers,

I’m Doris, one of Andrew’s oldest friends. We have been through this story together, however, he considered it might be best if I shared my version, since it’s me who was on the verge of dementia, although he was my pillar all along.

What’s the story?

I’m an elementary school teacher, a simple woman with a simple life. I always liked kids although, unfortunately I could not have any. I was living a happy life with my husband, doing normal things that couples do. We were going on annual trips, holidays, we were hitting the gym together and all in all I guess it can be said we were happy.

Our life has always been calm and balanced. I then started to notice slight changes that seems to set in slowly, but unfortunately surely.

It all started when…

One day I went to school and I was about to begin my first lesson. The moment I reached for my usual pile of files I noticed that it was not on my desk. It was not in my bag either. I didn’t pay attention to it. I probably must have left it somewhere, it can happen to anyone. When I got home later that day I noticed that indeed I left the files on the kitchen table. It happens, I thought to myself.

A couple of days later we were having a group activity at schools and the kids started to draw my attention upon the fact that I was not calling their right names. I started to realize that I was no longer sure whose name is which. I must be tired, I thought to myself. I know my kids, I am very good at remembering names, and it’s probably just a bunch of stress piled up.

The moment I really started to worry was when I took home with me a bunch of tests to correct and I no longer knew the right answer. I called my husband to take a look, I was really scared. He was surprised, since the test was at an elementary level, nothing complex, and the answers were pretty straightforward. I didn’t know what was going on. I was unable to correct the tests. It’s like my brain was going blank and I could not search for information.

My husband looked a bit worried too and we agreed to go to the doctor the next day to take a couple of tests. We were both shocked when the results came back and they showed I had an initial stage of dementia.

It all started going the wrong direction

My husband tried to stay by my side for a while, but the weight was too much for him. So I woke up one day all alone in the house without knowing how to do some of the basic stuff that came so naturally a while ago. That’s when I called Andrew and told him what was going on.

He was extremely supportive and helped me a lot through this phase. We tried everything the doctors suggested and nothing seemed to help. At one time he said, we should try something natural instead. All these synthetic drugs could not be good for an organism and they showed no positive effects anyways.

I knew he was right and I had to try every possible thing, I just no longer felt the energy to do that. But Andrew never gave up on me and he was a real pillar when I needed one. He was the one that found, after a lot of research that indeed there is natural way of combating my memory problems.

Memory Repair Protocol

Memory Repair Protocol

What did this mean to me? It basically meant a whole new chance to:

  • Learn about new food categories that could help me fight back
  • A perfect balanced diet
  • Detailed studies
  • Combination of food categories to increase the production of ketone

And so much more…

Get NOW Memory Repair Protocol

By this time you can imagine that I gave up on my job at the school, I tried to explain the issue that I have been dealing with and I went on medical leave. A few weeks after having started this memory repair protocol, I started noticing a certain improvement. The basic tasks that proven to be difficult to me lately started to bounce back in my memory.

The product came with a 60 days money back guarantee but it didn’t take that long for me to notice the effects. It might not sound to you like some dramatic change but trust me, the first time I managed to start the microwave on my own I burst into tears. It felt like learning to live all over again, baby steps.

Many thanks

I know I could not have come this far on my own. I owe a lot of my progress to Andrew, and to these amazing guys that came up with this protocol. Now I got back to teaching and trust me, I know the names of all of my children. And I never forgot my files home again.

To tell you the truth, I think I remember things I might not even have, before this treatment. I feel like I have the same memory I had in high school. And that’s a huge improvement for someone who could not manage to heat her own food.

Please give it a try. I know it might be depressing and the situation might wear you down fast but be strong. Put your trust in Memory Repair Protocol and let it help you get through this and get better!

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