Obesity is a disease that goes largely unnoticed owing to the fact that many people think it is just being a different kind of fat. While being overweight is not a disease, being obese is. Unfortunately, many people who are overweight tend to develop a blind sight in that they do not see how their weight is harming their body. Being big may be beautiful but there is a fine line one crosses when they are obese.

Like many others who have coping mechanisms, people who are actually obese will not see themselves any more different than the ones who are overweight. Moreover, since they have to deal with a lot of bullying and pressure from the people they interact with, they tend to be rather thick-skinned when someone tries to tell them that their weight is becoming a problem.

However, your body will not be one to lie to you when your weight starts to become a problem. With obesity, there are certain warning signs your body starts to display. Before others start trying to tell you, your body will already be giving signals to you and if you pay attention to them, you can seek help in a timely manner. The following are a few common warning signs of obesity:

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Increased Body Mass

Visually, it is easy to identify if someone is overweight or obese but certain factors can come into play such as the height of the person. A person who is considered overweight at 5’11 may have the same body mass as a person who is considered obese at 5’5. Therefore, keep your height and other factors in mind. If you have gained more body mass considering your height, you may be leaning towards obesity more than you know.

Excessive Pain in the Joints

Since your body is not used to the extra weight it has to support, your joints and bones may start to ache, particularly your knees and your back. An overweight person may not experience these joint pains but someone who is obese will frequently face these aches and pains. Moreover, their knees will start to weaken and ache, even when they have to do menial tasks like climbing the stairs or walking to the end of the street.

Shortness of Breath

When your body has so much body mass that is fat, it may start to add pressure, not just on your bones but also on your organs, particularly the ones housed in your chest cavity. Since the lungs and airways are getting constricted because of the extra pressure, you may feel breathless when you have to do basic tasks such as cleaning the house, taking the dog out for a walk or even going shopping. For people who have asthma, this extra pressure on the airways may actually worsen their condition.

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Anxiety and Hypertension

Obesity is a disease that has mental and physical effects on a person. While a person may or may not already experience depression, anxiety or hypertension when they are overweight, being obese can increase the likelihood of suffering from them even more. When you feel emotionally dissatisfied by your appearance, it can make you want to hide from the world. This in turn promotes a more sedentary lifestyle which makes a person more likely to gain more body mass and fall victim to obesity.

Whether you have gained a few pounds or not, if your weight is causing these problems in your health, it is always best to seek professional medical advice as soon as possible. While you may be tempted to ignore these symptoms, keep in mind that obesity can actually be linked with other diseases as well, including diabetes and heart problems. Therefore, it is better not to complicate the matter further and increase the odds of making a recovery as soon as possible.