Did you consider going away somewhere this summer? And when I say away I mean away from people, job, worries, and those annoying relatives that always bug you and so on? That’s exactly what I have on my mind each time I consider a holiday. A getaway trip.

A relaxation trip when and where nobody can get to me. And you know what works the best? Getting away in a remote area where you don’t meet tourists at each corner. I remember one of the most annoying things that annoyed me when having visited the famous “must see” locations was queuing for a toilet. I am not kidding. And trust me, doing it each day a few times- no fun.

  1. Foula island

Also known as the most remote inhabited island of Britain, Foula only has a population of 30. Its name means “bird island” in old Norse. It has an area of 4 square miles and can be isolated for months due to bad weather. Hence, if you do plan a visit, choose wisely and make sure the weather is on your side.

  1. Montserrat

You might have heard of it under the name of “the emerald of the Caribbean”. In case you are interested and intrigued by a volcanic landscape and a mixture of cultures (British, Irish and African), this is the right place for you.

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Another cultural curiosity about the island is that the Beatles member, George Martin opened a music studio on the island, a studio that was frequented by big names, such as The Rolling Stones and Elton John. The studio was then, unfortunately damaged by the Hurricane Hugo.

  1. Bob Marshall Wilderness

You can also know it under the simple name of “Bob”. It represents the fifth largest wilderness area from the States and is located in the heart of Montana. You can take your tent and camp in the “Bob” but you will not be allowed anywhere else. However, the sights are worth the trip.

  1. Alentejo

Situated in Portugal, a little closer to the Europeans, Alentejo is your perfect summer destination. Where do I even start? If you are looking for remote beaches, that are next to the capital and yet not full of tourists, great wineries and some amazing cultural villages, this is the place for you.

  1. Lake Bled

One of my personal favorites. When I first got here it struck me how I’ve never heard of this place before, given its beauty. Plus it’s a huge lake that gives you the chance either to practice sports, hike or just sit and enjoy the sun.

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If you got here, don’t miss out on the other destination Slovenia offers as well. Being surrounded by the Alps, if you are a mountain lover, you have to visit this country at least once (because you will surely return, like I did).

  1. Bornholm

Does Denmark sound all a bit too boring? Well think twice. The island is known as the sunniest spot of the country and if you are into freshly smoked fish (herring and such), don’t miss out on the amazing beaches it offers.

  1. Stowe

If you are near Vermont, you cannot miss out on the picturesque sights that Stowe has to offer. While you get started on one of the many hiking trails this regions offers, you can also indulge yourself in some of the regional pleasure, such as wild deer and maple trees.

  1. Wild taiga

Yet another one of my favorites since I had the pleasure of living in Finland for a while. If you are looking for the uttermost silence, beautiful nature that hasn’t yet been destroyed by mankind and the best hiking trails, this is your spot.

Also, notice the wildlife, such as bears and wolves. However, when I spotted a bear, the locals told me not to worry, merely wave to it and it will go away (still not sure about that method).

  1. Sète
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France cannot be neglected when it comes to its beautiful landscapes. My choice here is Sète, due to its strong local identity and the cultural experience it has to offer. Also, back in the day it has been known under the name of “Venice of the Languedoc”.

  1. Carpathian mountains

Why I left this for the last place? Because it’s basically my home and there’s so much you can say about the mountains that traverse Romania that one article would not cover it. We have a great number of hiking trail, varying in difficulty, lengths and so on.

And not only the mountains you can spot through these hiking but also the great wonders they offer, such as lakes. I would suggest you to give it a shot because you will not be let down.

All these being said, which is the next destination you are bound to visit? I personally would love to spend my summer hiking in Iceland but we shall see what the future brings.

Keep me updated and in case you found some great spots worth mentioning, don’t keep it to yourself.